Another filofax order

I ordered another Filofax.  I told myself not to spend and to be happy with what I have, but that “want” kept nagging.  I think I was feeling this way because my order with Pens & Leather came to nothing 😦  I ordered a chilli pocket Cuban and a red (original order was for a raspberry but they “ran” out of that color) Metropol personal size.  Ordered it on 3/22/13 and waited and waited.  So around 4/12/13 I requested to cancel the order and receive a email from them “are you sure? we’re going to ship it soon”.  WHAT A TEASER!  I replied okay, I want it if you are mailing that day, if not, I didn’t want to wait any longer and just cancel it.  I receive the email stating it’s been shipped and here’s the tracker number, etc etc etc.  Of course, everyone knows we’re gonna click on that tracking number EVERYDAY!!  The funny thing is mine would say “shipping info received” but no location listed, nothing.  That was 4/13/13.  Last night I checked again and same information.  I felt like I was being given the run around and my filos were never mailed.  Somehow they’re able to put a bogus tracking number…to kinda shut me up and make me wait longer??  Long story short, I disputed the charge with Paypal and received a refund today 🙂

The “craving” was still there so I started googling and prowling Ebay, Adspot, Amazon.  This time I wanted a personal size yellow Filofax.  I saw a great blog (can’t remember the name) about a pretty yellow personal Piazza.  Found one at a website called Bedol. Ordered it and now the waiting begans…. Stay tuned!

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    I have nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award.

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