Here she is! Took only 8 days after I made my order on Filofax.  I’m still waiting on my order from Pens and Leather but that’s another story…
I think I’ll name this filo Cashmere because of the “dot” on her front cover. Lol it reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when George gives this cashmere sweater to the office cleaner girl. The sweater was marked down to a red dot on it…anyway he thought she wouldn’t notice but she did. The part where she notices it and says “hey what’s this?”was similar to my reaction of my filo.  BUT I’m okay with it. I might color it in or leave it.
I like it so far. Very soft and smells wonderful!


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Waiting for the mail man

I’m home today and had a chance to finally start a blog page.  I thought about starting it for awhile now but thought what the heck am I going to talk about?  I thought I’d write about my dog Jake and of my current Filofax obsession…  As for waiting for the mail man, I checked on the status of my Filofax Pocket Chameleon in vintage rose…it says “Out for delivery”.  GASP!  So here I am in a quiet house, listening for that familiar mail truck sound…I know, it’s silly…even my husband teases me about it.  He’ll even imitate the mailman’s beeping his horn…it cracks me up everytime.  I’ve always loved getting stuff in the mail as a kid and it never went away! 

Anyway I’ll post pictures soon.


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