My dog Jake

Jake is five and a half yrs old. He’s a shih tzu and my first house dog. Or I like to say “my fur baby”.  My kids are college age and flew the coop so its just me and hubby. It was sad at first but of course as time goes by, you adjust.  No need to worry about dinner and the laundry pile is much easier to overcome. 🙂

Anyway I bought Jake from a breeder when he was one yr old. Back then I never heard of puppy mills…and I think that is where he came from. He will not sleep in a kennel. When he came home with us in 2007, he was such a sad little dog and you could tell he never had a toy.

What a difference he is today! Has tons of toys, sleeps on our bed and anywhere he chooses, and hardly whimpers in his sleep.


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One Response to My dog Jake

  1. Mppaul2 says:

    Cute my Nutmeg is four years old. She is spoiled to the core and then some. Her name is representative of her gold and white with some black color. Love shih tzus.

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